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One of the three heads of the witching council, the Artificer, precides over the school of Alchemy.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Artificer is more golem than flesh. Over the centuries as time corrupted pieces of his mortal coil he would transfigure them into pure elemental states. Though it started as a hand saved from arthritus and a foot from brittle bones soon his lungs became metal, his heart stone, and brain parts gold.

The ForbiddingEdit

The practice of Alchemy has been forbidden since before the War of Unification. Unlike the schools of Necromancy and Illusion, Alchemy was not banned by public outrage but rather acute political preassure from the Techmaturgical Union upon a weakened Lord Mayor of Mino-Vera and Academy of Arcane arts.

Boxing RewardEdit

In the wanning years of the boxing league a warrent went out for the Artificer to be boxed. The league thought that he may soon achieve immortality though his alchemical replacements. This warrent drove him to found Fel Roc as a refuge for those whom the league persecuted.

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