Excerpt 4E quest1

Your group has pledged its alliance and offered aid to many factions many of whom stand opposite each other morally, politically, and geogrphaically. 

Here is a list of some such promises.

Main Quest.Edit

  1. Rebox the dullahan

Supporting QuestEdit

  1. Enlist the Help of the Draken to rebox the dullahan
  2. Travel to everstorm isle to find Draken
  3. Muster a dwarven vessel that can brave the waters around Everstorm Isle
  4. Strike a smuggling deal with the dwarves in exchange for their ship

Side QuestsEdit

  1. Release the Pi Morbellus from the belly of the Tanis Reach (You will recieve a witching box that can hold the Dullahan )
  2. Keep sealed or Relase the Boxes in the Dwarven vault.
  3. Bounty: Ibn Sahir of The Midnight Sun
  4. Bounty: Naki the Sea Witch
  5. Bounty: The Blue Oarsmen

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