Saladjin was a lesser Genie that was found bound to a lamp within the vaults of the Adventurer's Guild in Mino-Vera.

Discovery and FreedomEdit

He was freed by a roving group of adventurers on a quest to save Vitrana Cupsingh, daughter of the Grand Master of the Mercer's Guild.

Saladjin, In exchange for his freedom, awarded the travelers a Deck of illusory Cards and a Gem containing a Large Air Elemental.

The Healing of Ivona and Rebirth of ArwenEdit

Saladjin reappeared in the chamber beneath the adventurer's guild following the aftermath of his lamp's destruction. The scene he came upon was a gruesome one. 

One of the newly found party members, Atessa, was slain by a crossbow bolt through the eye by one of her own companions. Ivona claimed it to be a mercy killing, as Atessa had been wounded by a helffire blade after the defeat of the Doulahan. Orfleck and Dan, who felt in this world of magic and divine intervention a mercy killing really shouldn't be a thing, teamed together to avenge Atessa and succeeded in mortally wounding Ivona by stabbing her in the spinal column at the base of the skull. 

Gate, knowing Saladjin from his imprisonment in the Genie's lamp, asked the Genie to heal Atessa. Saladjin informed Gate he could not recover Atessa's soul but could place one of his favored souls into the body and heal it. Gate made the deal on the condition that everything needed for the repair be taken from Ivona's body, and she be healed as well. 

Saladjin agreed. He brought the soul of Arwen, a cleric, into Atessa's body, and using one of Ivona's eyes, healed her new body. Ivona, save for the eye, was saved from mortal danger as well. 

Saladjin disappeared and has not been seen again.

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